In accordance with Spokane County Resolution # 2021-0458.

Racial Equity Chair/At-large Community Member Opening:

We are now taking applications for the SRLJC At-large Community member position # 3 who is also the Chair of the SRLJC Racial Equity committee for the October 2022 - October 2024 term. Please see the application document for information. 

Contact us at with any question

Law & Justice Council Members

Council Member
Affiliation Term Start Term End
Michael Sparber - Chair Detention Services Sr. Director Jan 2023 Dec 2023
Justin Bingham  - Vice Chair City Prosecutor Representative Jan 2023 Dec 2023
Steve Bartel Risk Management Sept 2014 *
Tim Fitzgerald County Clerk Sept 2014 *
John Haley Community Rep. (Pos. #2) Jun 2021 Sept, 26 2024
Larry Haskell County Prosecutor Sept 2014 *
Roshelle Cleland At-Large Victim Advocate Community Rep March 2023 *
John Nowels County Sheriff Jan 2023 *
Colin Charbonneau County Public Defender Apr 2022 *
Judge Gloria Ochoa- Bruck Municipal Court Apr 2023 *
Laura Padden City Legislative Authority Apr 2022 *
Tori Peterson Juvenile Court Sept 2018 *
Judge Julie McKay Superior Court Nov 2021 *
Randi Unfred Department of Corrections Nov 2021 *
Aaron Stromberger Pre-Trial Services Jan 2023 *
Jennifer Morton Community Rep. (Pos. #3) Oct. 2023 *
Chief David Ellis Municipal Police Representative May 2023 *
Judge Jennifer Fassbender District Court Judge Jan 2023 *
* Terms ends with position      

To apply for one of the At-Large Community Representative Positions, please fill out the application here. Please send a cover letter and resume to