Road Maintenance

Emergency Road Closures and Watch Areas

Due to the melting of snow and recent heavy rainfall, Spokane County is experiencing several road closures.   Please check back often or sign up for alerts for road closures and areas being closely watched.
2017 Emergency Road Closures Map

Road Maintenance Activities

Road maintenance activities are prioritized in a way that address potentially dangerous situations first, followed by regular repairs, then preventive maintenance as funds allow.

Rehabilitation & Preservation Strategies

Spokane County maintains 2,527 miles of county roads. These roads consist of 8.93 miles of concrete roads, 162.37 miles of dirt and summer roads, 985.79 miles of gravel roads and 1369.92 miles of oil and paved roads.

The maintenance department is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the road system. Activities include snowplowing, sanding icy roads, street cleaning, filling potholes, resurfacing paved roads, grading and adding gravel to roads, clearing out drainage structures, trimming vegetation along the right-of-way, repairing missing or damaged traffic signs, restoring malfunctioning signals, and other miscellaneous tasks.