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Tax-Title Properties

Tax-Title Properties are those parcels of real estate that the County foreclosed upon as a result of non-payment of taxes and other assessments. The sale of Tax-Title Properties is governed by Chapter 36.35 of the Revised Code of Washington and Chapter 1.56 of the Spokane County Code.

These properties may have problems inherent with ownership; otherwise the owners would probably not have let them go for non-payment of taxes. Potential purchasers of a Tax-Title Property should carefully and thoroughly investigate the parcel's status before bidding on it. A potential purchaser of Tax-Title lands should check that all of the utilities have been paid and that there are no other liens against the property. Also the lot may not be a legally buildable site, or perhaps utilities cannot be delivered to the site. Spokane County offers Tax Title Properties for sale at auction in an "AS-IS" condition, the County makes no guarantee regarding the property or as to any potential problems that might arise for future owners.

Notice of Auctions

Notice of the auction of these properties will be published in the legal notices section of the newspaper for three consecutive weeks prior to the auction. If you purchase a Tax Title Property, in addition to the purchase price you will be required to pay the recording and excise fees: currently $214.50. 

If Tax Title Property is not purchased at the auction described above, the County is authorized to sell the Tax Title Property for up to one year after the auction, at the minimum bid amount or the Principal Amount of Back Taxes owing whichever is greater.
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More Information

If you are interested in more information on these properties, please reply by filling out the form below or by phone 509-477-3600.

This information is not intended to be given as legal advice. Any person interested in purchasing tax-title properties should seek their own legal counsel and/or thoroughly investigate the status of any property they are interested in acquiring.
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