Surplus Property

General Information

The Spokane County Surplus Property Department handles Surplus Real Properties and Tax-Title Properties. Houses are rarely acquired as surplus by Spokane County, but when available will be listed under surplus or tax-title as designated.

For a list of Current Foreclosure Properties see the Treasurer website.

Surplus Property

The sale of County-owned real property is governed by Chapter 36.34 of the Revised Code of Washington as well as Chapter 1.56 of the Spokane County Code.

All real property sales that the County makes are public auctions. The minimum bid is the lowest price the Commissioners will accept as payment for the property. To make an offer, you must fill out the County's Purchase and Sale Agreement. All real property sales must happen at a public hearing and any member of the public present at the hearing has the right to bid higher than any bid previously received by the Board. The County will not pay a commission to a real-estate agent. Any member of the public, at their own expense, may utilize the services of a real-estate agent.

View a Current List of Surplus Properties (excludes Tax-Title properties) or to learn more see Surplus Property Sales and an Outline of the County's Process.

Tax-Title Property

The sale of Tax-Title Properties is governed by Chapter 36.35 of the Revised Code of Washington and Chapter 1.56 of the Spokane County Code.

Tax-Title Properties are those parcels of real estate that the County has foreclosed upon as a result of non-payment of taxes and other assessments. These properties may have problems inherent with ownership; otherwise the owners would probably not have let them go for non-payment of taxes. Potential purchasers of a Tax-Title Property should carefully and thoroughly investigate the parcel's status before bidding on it.

You can learn more about Tax-Title Property or view either the current list of over-the-counter Tax-Title Properties or view the Tax-Title Properties for Auction.