Ritchey Road Bridge Over Deep Creek Replacement Project

Project Information

Bridge No 0503 | County Road Project C3189
Project Type:  Bridge Replacement
Project Engineer:  Neil Carroll, P.E.
Project Year: 2017

Project Description

This project is located approximately 6 miles west of the City of Airway Heights on Ritchey Road at its crossing of Deep Creek. The existing timber bridge, which was constructed in 1958, has had many repairs and renovations in its almost 60 years of service however, the current condition requires a total replacement to provide a safe crossing. In 2014, the County was successful in obtaining a federal grant to fund a replacement bridge.

The current plan for construction of a new bridge requires closing the road. To minimize the duration of the closure and corresponding inconvenience to the public Engineers are designing a replacement that can be built quickly. Two key elements of the design, which will facilitate this approach, are; precast concrete footings and girders as well as geosynthetically reinforced soil bridge abutments. Once constructed the bridge will provide a 30-foot roadway width and a clear span of the Deep Creek channel eliminating the three intermediate piers, which exist today.

Project Duration

Engineers are working toward constructing the project in 2016 and it is anticipated that approximately five months will be required for its completion. Close coordination with impacted property owners and regulators is being undertaken to ensure a successful project.