Monroe Road Bridge Replacement

Project Information

Bridge No 2803 | County Road Project C3188
Project Type:  Bridge Replacement
Project Manager:  Neil Carroll, P.E.
Project Year: 2018


Project Description

This project is located approximately 2.5 miles south-west of the City of Deer Park on Monroe Road. The existing bridge, which spans the west branch of Dragoon Creek, was constructed in 1959 and is currently posted with weight restrictions. Distress observed in the bridge deck and advanced rotation of the supporting piers prompted the County to apply for and receive a federal grant to replace the bridge in 2014.

The replacement bridge will be constructed with precast concrete girders founded on driven steel pile. Current plans call for the roadway width to increase from the existing 25 feet to 32 feet, and the span lengthened to approximately 70 feet to improve the flow of the stream and address erosion at the site. The total length of the project will be determined once Engineers study the roadway profile and situate the new bridge. However, the intent is to minimize project length and negative impacts to the adjacent property owners.

Project Duration

Slated for construction in 2018, the project is expected to take approximately 6 months to complete. Engineers are working closely with impacted property owners, regulators, and the public to ensure a successful project.