Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

Today we continue to realize positive results from our decision in early 2004 to implement a pro-active response to reduce overcrowding in the detention center. Spokane County Juvenile Court Services began exploring alternatives that would achieve public safety, youth accountability and rehabilitation. You can learn more about the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative on the JDAI Website.

Planning & System Improvement Efforts

Misuse of secure detention and overcrowding produces unsafe, unhealthy conditions for both detainees and staff. Crowding increases liability risks and the possibility of litigation. Crowding also puts additional financial pressure on existing facilities (wear and aging of buildings, overtime, emergency needs, and costs that result from crowding).

JDAI Background Information

The Annie E Casey Foundation

Washington State's JDAI Beginning December 2003

WA State JDAI Initial Plan Submitted AECF (PDF)

Spokane County's Implementation Plan (2009 - 2010)

JDAI 2009 - 2010 Annual Implementation Plan (PDF)