System Improvement Efforts

Spokane County Juvenile Court is currently involved in two systems improvement efforts. They are Models for Change and Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI).
  1. De-Institutionalization of Status Offenders

    Using grant funding obtained through the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (GJJAC), and in conjunction with the Models for Change initiative, the Juvenile Court placed a Probation Officer in West Valley School District to pilot a program working with truant youth.

  2. Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

    Spokane County Juvenile Court Services began exploring alternatives that would achieve public safety, youth accountability, and rehabilitation in 2005 in response to overcrowding in the Detention Center.

  3. Models for Change

    Models for Change offers Spokane the opportunity to address the needs of drop-out, truant, and at-risk youth and better realize its vision for a juvenile justice system.