Disaster Information


Though earthquakes are less rare than in years past, it pays to know what to do after one has occurred. These documents and web links will help.

General Public


Earthquake Links


When wild land fire season is underway a visit to the Firewise page is important! Be safe and be Firewise during the summer months. If a fire threatens your neighborhood:

Fire Links


Rain. Tides. Levee failure. Ice jam. Snow melt. Floods happen, and they happen beside rivers, on the coast, in the deserts and in city streets. You don't have to lose your home and possessions to rampaging water, however.

It's never to early to prepare and you can take several basic steps right now to protect your family and your home from disaster.

Flood Links

Freezing Weather

Protect your home against the effects of winter such as frozen pipes.

As if slippery sidewalks and snow-covered cars aren't bad enough during the winter, your face another potential headache: ruined carpets and water damage to ceilings and walls from leaks caused by ice dams on the roof or bursting pipes.

Winter Safety