Diversion is a method of dealing with juveniles who are charged with a minor criminal offense or infraction.

About the Process

A juvenile in Diversion does not go to court, and there is no trial before a judge. The juvenile and parents meet with a Probation Counselor or a Neighborhood Accountability Board member supervised by a Probation Counselor. The juvenile is not placed on probation.

The juvenile signs a Diversion Agreement which is a contract between the juvenile and the Diversion Unit. A Diversion Agreement is not a conviction; the record is not available to the public. Diversion Records can be both sealed and destroyed.


The Diversion Agreement may require the juvenile to complete one or more of the following conditions:

  • Attend counseling or education classes
  • Pay restitution and fines
  • Perform community service


There are currently volunteers for the Neighborhood Accountability Boards who dedicate  each year to meet with and monitor diversion youth.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Juvenile Court Diversion Services at 509-477-2441.