Services Overview
We provide many public services related to building construction and land development and place a high priority on customer service. Feel free to either call or visit our office where our professional staff can provide you with information on land use and construction codes, required permits and how to obtain them, and necessary inspections for your project. Free brochures are always available at the Permit Center, and can also be downloaded online.

Benefits of Our Services
  • All permitting, plan review and inspection services are provided in-house
  • Project coordinators are assigned to all land use actions and commercial construction projects
  • Pre-application meetings are held with the applicant, architect, contractor, and any affected agencies
  • Footing/foundation inspections are available with only 4 hours advance notice
  • Same-day inspections for other types of work are available, if requested by 9 A.M.
  • Weekend inspections are available, if necessary
  • Inspectors are available via the latest cellular and electronic technologies
  • The Washington Survey and Ratings Bureau rated the Spokane County Building Department within the top 5% of all building departments nationwide, saving new building owners the maximum insurance premium possible for wind/snow and seismic protection
  • Self-supporting through permit activities, no tax revenues are taken from the General Fund
  • Convenient toll-free number: 800-27-CODES
  • Combination Permits for Single-Family dwellings
  • Phased Permitting
With the combination of the two divisions, the Department can offer a wider array of services to the customer.

If you or your company are planning a project in the near future and you are not sure where to start or what to do next, click on a link to see if your questions can be answered online. If that doesn't help, contact the Building and Planning Department and we'll try and find answers to your questions. We can't design your project for you or solve all your issues, but we will do all we can to help you through the local government regulations.