Community Resources

  1. Dog Breeds

    Each dog breeds has unique characteristics and behaviors. This list of common breeds will help you find your forever friend.

  2. Pet Care Tips

    Review some documents on how to properly care and train your pet.

  3. Behavioral Tips

    Behavior problems with our pets are often troublesome to understand, but we want to help you be successful! If you're having difficulties with your pet, see the list of topics below for information and advice.

  4. Events

    Find out when the SCRAPS department is holding events for the community.

  5. Dog Park

    A collaborative effort between SCRAPS and the County's Parks and Recreation Department, the park is run by dog-loving volunteers and funded solely by donations.

  6. Other Resources

    SCRAPS offers a wide-variety of resources to the Spokane community including adoption services, licensing and animal protection.

  7. SCRAPS Hope Foundation

    Find out how you can help the SCRAPS department with the Hope Foundation.

  8. People Safety

    Keep yourself and your child safe with some of our helpful tips for bite prevention, introducing your child to a new pet and common laws for pets.

  9. Shelter Statistics

    Each year, SCRAPS submits our annual statistics to the ASPCA. These statistics Includes intake, transfer and live release rate.

  10. Animal Trap Rentals

    Find out how to rent a cat trap for feral cats.

  11. Animal Protection

    SCRAPS is charged with enforcing Spokane County Code and the Revised Code of Washington as they pertain to animals.

  12. Make a Donation

    Make a donation to the SCRAPS Hope Foundation