In order to follow our mission of protecting stray, homeless, abused and abandoned animals, SCRAPS does not take in owner surrendered pets. This allows us to better serve the stray animals in our community. If you are thinking about relinquishing your pet, there are some options you may not know about.

Before Relinquishing a Pet
Before you relinquish your pet, consider some of the following things:
  • Is there a behavioral issue? SCRAPS has a library of information and free training classes to help correct the issue and keep your pet at home.
  • SCRAPS also offers a food bank.
  • Many area veterinary clinics provide low cost services or payment plans. Please call them to find out more information.
  • If you are moving, many places in Spokane will take pets. Do some research online or by phone to find a place that welcomes your pet.
  • Can you leave your pet with someone on a temporary basis? Ask.
If You Must Relinquish Your Pet
Try adopting out your pet first. Your involvement can be a less stressful transition for your animal and you can help them find the right home. We have tips on helping you find the best home possible (PDF).

Several agencies in Spokane such as the Spokane Humane Society do offer to take owner releases as part of their services. Please call them first to ask about their policies