Juvenile Court Services


COVID-19 Response

Out of concern for the health of our youth, families, staff, and the community due to COVID-19, Juvenile Court has cancelled the following programs until further notice:

• In-Person Detention Visitation (parents and outside agencies). 

• Coordination of Services Classes

• Education and Employment Training

• Aggression Replacement Training

• Boys Group

• Diversion Board

• All court led community service

• CASA appreciation dinner

• CASA Training

The entire Juvenile Services building is adhering to social distancing guidelines. Masks are strongly encouraged. 

Offender Matters:

The court is beginning to hold in-person hearings for both in custody and out of custody youth. This includes pleas and dispositions, revocation hearings, and arraignments.  

Pre-trials and trials continue to be set past June 1, 2020.  

For offender matters, respondent and their attorney are the only parties expected to be in court in person. If choosing to appear in person, please respect social distancing guidelines and masks are recommended.

Civil Matters:

All Truancy matters have been stricken for the 2019-2020 school year.

At-Risk Youth and CHINS hearings are back to their regular Monday, Wednesday, and Friday court schedule. 

At-Risk Youth and CHINS contested trials are being heard. 

Starting June 1st, new petitions, new contempt motions, and contested trials will resume for At-risk Youth and CHINS.

All Dependency motions and docket calls will be held by Zoom. Fact-finding and review hearings are not yet resuming.  

All civil matters will continue to be handled as much as possible with phone hearings, working toward Zoom hearings. If choosing to appear in person, please respect social distancing guidelines and masks are recommended.

We are making every effort to ensure healthy conditions for youth in our detention facility. To do this, we are following set protocols determined by our Medical Provider in conjunction with guidelines from the Spokane County Health Officer and the CDC.

Medical staff assess each youth for signs of illness through a physical assessment and temperature checks. If a youth shows symptoms of COVID-19, he/she would be placed in medical isolation, provided emotional support and necessary medical care by our providers, to include testing. Personal protective equipment and infection control measures such as increased disinfection will be used to minimize the risk of virus transmission.

The Medical Director will be the point of contact for all youth health care needs and will consult with the Spokane Regional Health District for guidance.

Daily cleaning and disinfecting is being done throughout the juvenile court building, including the detention center.

All detention visitation with parents/guardians and outside agencies will be done telephonically. 

Educational (school) programming is conducted via video conferencing by NEWEDS101 staff and with support from juvenile corrections officers.

We want you to know that Spokane County Juvenile Court continues to ensure the youth and families we work with have the support they need at all times and especially during this uncertainty.

COVID-19 Emergency Coordination Center: Resource Guide

COVID-19 Resource Guide

We have staff working remotely and in the building continuing our mission of promoting public safety, accountability, and positive change.


Juvenile Court Services has jurisdiction over juveniles who violate criminal laws and who are in need of protection and/or advocacy as a result of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. This is accomplished through probation, court, detention, adoption (Superior Court), and support services.

Our Mission

Serving our community by providing a system that is free of bias based on gender, race, ethnicity, and for other marginalized communities, and by promoting public safety, accountability, and positive change for delinquent, dependent, at-risk children, and their families.