Redeeming Your Pet

Redemption Fee for Lost Pets

SCRAPS makes every effort to return lost pets to their owners. All stray animals are checked for pet licenses, identification tags and scanned for microchips.

If your pet doesn’t have identification you can see if it is at SCRAPS by viewing our adoptable and lost pet database or lost/found report online  If you see your pet, please review the fee schedule for applicable fees.

Reclaiming a Pet

You will need to visit SCRAPS during business hours to reclaim your pet. To claim your pet, you must provide proof of ownership. Examples include veterinary records, bill of sale, or photos of you and your pet together, etc. All unlicensed animals must be licensed and all fees/fines paid before they will be released to their owners.

Redemption Fees for Cats & Dogs

  • 1st Redemption: $35
  • 2nd Redemption: $50
  • 3rd Redemption: $75

$15 per day board fee plus applicable trip and veterinary fees may also apply.