Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

 The proposal is to consider 2019 amendment requests to Spokane County's Comprehensive Plan through the annual amendment process.  The proposal includes one text amendment and six map amendments, with one of the map amendments being a holdover from the 2018 amendment cycle.  The proposed map amendments are concurrent Comprehensive Plan and Zoning map changes except for 19-CPA-03 and 19-CPA-04, which are amendments of the Comprehensive Plan map only.

The proposed text amendment (File 19-CPA-01) is an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning code to promote infill development within the urban growth area.  The objective of this proposal is to provide more opportunities for diverse housing types and increase housing affordability.  This effort identifies barriers to certain types of residential development and provides policy and regulatory changes to increase infill opportunities.  The proposed changes will affect the Low Density Residential (LDR) zone located within the unincorporated Urban Growth Area.  The proposed text amendment is presented in Chapter 4.

The proposed map amendments include four amendments within the County's urban growth area and two amendments in the rural area.  A summary of the proposed map amendments is shown below:

                         Table 1.1 - Proposed Map Amendments

File #               Existing Category               Proposed Category        Acres

18-CPA-05           Low Density Residential                Medium Density Residential       25.5

19-CPA-02            Low Density Residential                High Density Residential                 1.9 

19-CPA-03            Rural Conservation                          Mineral Lands                                  160.0

19-CPA-04            Rural Conservation                          Mineral Lands                                    20.0

19-CPA-06            Low Density Residential                High Density Residential                   0.7

19-CPA-07            Low Density Residential                High Density Residential                    1.7