Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the Findings of Fact and Decision for the 2019 Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments and for the Urban Growth Area (UGA) modification for file 20-CPA-06. To view the Findings of Fact and Decisions click on the links below.​
  • Resolution # 20-0982
    Findings of Fat and Decisions for the 2019 Annual Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan Map and Concurrent Zone Reclassification, in files No. 18-CPA-05, 19-CPA-02, 19-CPA-03, 19-CPA-04, 19-CPA06, 19-CPA-07, and text amendment for file 19-CPA-01.
  • Resolution # 20-0981
    Findings of Fact and Recommendations for Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment; Concurrent Zone Reclassification; Urban Growth Area (UGA) Modification for file: 20-CPA-06.

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