2022 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The application period for the 2022 Comprehensive Plan Amendment cycle is now closed.  

What Is the Annual Comprehensive Plan Process?

Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments, involve a public process to review and amend the Comprehensive Plan and zoning map designations that are attached to specific properties. The review involves evaluating increases in population, services, capital facilities, land use, public hearings and other factors. By state law, the County is limited to processing applications for such request once a year.

The amendment process begins with a required pre-application conference. Requests for pre-application conferences for amendments can be scheduled anytime. However, there is a deadline for application submittals. The pre-application conference provides an initial review of the amendment request, an application packet and information about the process and fees. Applications for amendments will be accepted on regular business days, from 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. from now until December 31st, 2021.  Following the submittal deadline, applications are presented to the Board of County Commissioners who then determine which proposals will be initiated for further review.

The following table lists the applications currently under consideration for 2022.  

Amendment information can be viewed by clicking on the links.  Public comments can be submitted by clicking on the link.

October 27, 2022, Planning Commission Presentation

November 17, 2022, Planning Commission Presentation

File #
General Location
Current Comprehensive Plan Category
Proposed Comprehensive Plan
# Acres
South side of Hastings/Farwell Road, at the intersection with North Pittsburg.
Low Density Residential
High Density Residential

South of and adjacent to I-90, approximately 2,500 feet northeast of its intersection with Grove Road. The site is accessed by Abbot Road and Thorpe Road.

Light Industrial
Mixed Use
North side of Hastings/Farwell Road, slightly west of the intersection with North Pittsburg Street.
Low Density Residential
Hight Density Residential
On the Hastings/Farwell Corridor, west of Highway 2 and East of Highway 395.
Low Density Residential
Medium Density Residential

NW corner of Hallett Road and Holly Road.

Low Density Residential
Medium Density Residential
Approximately 500 feet west of Market and 2,000 feet north of Magnesium.
Heavy Industrial
Regional Commercial
North Havana Street at the northeast corner of the intersection with E. Wellesley Ave.
Light Industrial
Medium Density Residential
Northwest corner of 57th Street and Dowdy Road
Light Industrial
Low Density Residential