Are you missing a loved one?

We provide an online listing of all currently impounded animals and facilitate a public lost-and-found animal listing. Please view these lists to determine if your lost animal is waiting for you at SCRAPS or has been reported found by a community member.

**If you've found an animal, please fill out a Lost and Found Pet Form (available in the left-hand sidebar) and/or call SCRAPS - a staff member will give you additional information on how best to proceed! 
Pet of the Week - Titan

Help make sure your loved ones find their ways home:

  • License and microchip!
  • Post brightly colored signs and flyers in your neighborhood that offer a reward, and start looking right away - scared animals often hide close to home.
  • File a Lost and Found Pet Form (available in the left-hand side bar!); review SCRAPS' Lost and Found Pet List (also available in the left-hand side bar!) daily to see if your loved one pops up; and visit SCRAPS as often as possible to check for your loved one.
  • Call Spokane County's Lost Pet Hotline: 509-477-8100.
  • Call local veterinary clinics - your animal may have been injured and brought to a veterinarian by a good Samaritan.
  • Search Craigslist's "pet" and "lost and found" listings, and post about your missing loved one under "lost and found".