1. Find Your Lost Pet

    SCRAPS provides an online listing of all currently impounded animals and a public lost and found pet report list.

  2. Purchase / Renew a License

    Find fees, requirements and where to get a pet license in the county.

  3. Report a Found Pet

    Use this form to report a pet that has been found.

  4. View Adoptable Animals

    Find out how to adopt a pet from SCRAPS and what animals are available for adoption.

  5. Redeeming Your Pet

    Find out how to redeem your pet by paying a fee.

  6. Pet Care Tips

    Review some documents on how to properly care and train your pet.

  7. Receive a Spay / Neuter Voucher

  8. Rehoming

    In order to follow our mission of protecting stray, homeless, abused and abandoned animals, SCRAPS does not take in owner surrendered pets.

  9. Exotic Pets

    Read the county's code requirements regarding exotic animals.