Report a Problem

SCRAPS welcomes the opportunity to respond to customers. Whether your call concerns a stray animal or an injured animal, suspected animal cruelty or sadly, to let us know about a dead animal, our Animal Protection Officers will strive to respond to your call.


If you have an animal emergency within Spokane County, please call (509) 477-2533. Emergencies include animal abuse, aggressive animals at large, animals in hot cars and injured animals.


Non emergencies

Use this form to report recent non-emergency incidents regarding animals. Fill out the form below as completely as possible, then use the Submit button for the form to be processed. The items with asterisks (*) are required. If this is an emergency do not use this form - please call 477-2533.

All complaints will be recorded the same day as received except for holidays. Complaints will be assigned to an Animal Protection Officer, and depending on priority will generally be handled within 1-3 days. Please let us know if the problem is not resolved. 

In order for us to properly handle your complaint, we may need to either verify the information or gather additional information. We may not be able to verify or secure the information needed if you do not provide contact information. 
Non Emergency Form
Animal Bite
If you or someone else suffered a bite from a dog or cat, please report it by calling SCRAPS dispatch at (509) 477-2532 and press option #7. You’ll be asked questions about the incident and an Animal Bite Report will be filled out with your information and sent to the Spokane County Regional Health District.

Animal Cruelty
If you see someone hurting an animal, or you see an animal that looks sick, injured, or deprived of food, water, shelter, or veterinary care, call (509) 477-2532 and press option #7. If it is an emergency, call (509) 477-2533.

You may leave your information or remain anonymous. To remain anonymous, mail your complaint to SCRAPS at the address listed below. Your concerns will be forwarded to the proper investigator for action. 
Animal in Hot Car
Please contact our emergency dispatch line immediately at (509) 477-2533 if you see an animal in distress.

Animal Trap 
Traps can be rented here at SCRAPS for $25

You must exercise proper care and control of your dog. It is creating a public nuisance when your dog barks. 
Dangerous Dogs
Dangerous dogs can be reported to SCRAPS at (509) 477-2532 and pressing option #7. If there is an immediate threat, please call the emergency line at (509) 477-2533.

Animals may be impounded by SCRAPS when they:
• Are running at large off of the owner's premises and not secured by a leash.
• Have injured or bitten a person or other animal, where the animal poses a continuing threat to people or animals.
• Have been subject to cruel treatment as defined by RCW 16.52.070.

Pet Laws
SCRAPS serves the unincorporated areas of Spokane County, the cities of Spokane, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Deer Park, Fairfield, Medical Lake, Millwood, Liberty Lake and Rockford. Each of these areas may have different laws in addition to state laws. Below are the laws pertaining to animal enforcement.
  • •State 
  • County 
  • City of Spokane
  • City of Spokane Valley
      Please check the city codes where you live.

    Other Violations
    Other violations include, but are not limited to:
    • Running in a pack - dogs
    • No license
    • Damaging property
    • Chasing vehicles - dogs
    • Not being currently inoculated against rabies
    • Illegal kennel - having too many dogs/cats over 6 months old 
In addition to payment of impound fees, boarding fees, and transportation fees, animal owners may be cited for violations of the Spokane County Code, local municipal code, or the Revised Code of Washington and subject to fines and/or appearance in district or municipal courts. If you want to know what is required to be a responsible pet owner – please contact SCRAPS. We would love to help you avoid an animal related problem.

Rabies is a fatal disease to pets and humans. It is transferred through saliva in animal bites. All pets 6 months of age or older are required by county ordinance to be currently vaccinated against rabies.

Roadside Removal
To report a dead domestic animal for removal, please contact us at (509) 477-2532.

To report dead wildlife, please contact the Washington State Department of Transportation at (509) 324-6585.

Records Request
You can make a records request by filling out a request form or calling SCRAPS at (509) 477-2532. 
Stray Animal
To report a stray animal, contact us at 477-2532 and press option #7.

At SCRAPS, we deal with domestic animals only. If you have another concern, please contact the following agencies: 
  • Wild/dead animals on the freeway, call the Washington State Department of Transportation at (509) 324-6585.
  • Injured deer or other wild animal emergencies, contact the Washington State Patrol at (509) 456-4101.
  • Horse or cow running loose, contact the Spokane County Sheriff Department Sheriff at (509) 477-2240 or call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.
  • Wild animal question, contact the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife at (509) 892-1001.