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The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service

Thank you for visiting our website.  As the regional animal provider for Spokane County, we offer a wide-range of programs and services including animal protection, animal licensing, responsible pet owner information and resource information. 
Our mission is to save pets, protect people and build a strong community.

  1. Whisker Weigh In Challenge

    Weight loss is the number one resolution for Americans in the new year. But would it surprise you that nearly 50% of pets are overweight as well? Read on...
  2. Dog House Drive

    Dog House Drive Additional Info...


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Saturday and Sunday
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    Fitness with Fido

    By participating in a weight loss program with your pet, you can improve the quality of life for you and your pet. Read on...
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    Keep Fido Fit

    Overweight dogs are prone to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and canine diabetes, constant fatigue, and other debilitating and life-shortening problems. Read on...
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    Feline Fitness

    Exercise Ideas for You and Your Cat Read on...
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    Ten Tips for Winter

    No one wants an icicle for a pet -- they're simply not that cuddly. Read on...
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    Keep Your Feline Fit

    Diet Tips for Your Cat Read on...
  8. Dog House Drive!

    Keep All Dogs Safe and Warm This Winter! Read on...
  9. DogHouseDrivePrint.jpg

    Dog House Drive

    Keep All Dogs Safe and Warm this Winter! Read on...