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Q.  What does SCRAPS stand for?

A.  Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service

Q.  What laws/ordinances does SCRAPS uphold?

A.  SCRAPS complies with Spokane County Code Title 5Title 16 RCWWAC 246-203-121, and the ASV/NACA Guidelines, as well as all relevant ordinances of our regional partners. 

Q.  What is SCRAPS primary function?

A.  Animal Control & Enforcement/Public & Animal Safety

Q. Does SCRAPS have a Veterinarian and trained staff? 

A.  Yes, we have a highly knowledgeable licensed veterinarian and staff trained and credentialed in animal behavior assessment & evaluation. 

Q.  Is SCRAPS a Kill-Shelter? 

A.  No, we maintain a 90% or higher Save Rate and follow ASV and NACA Nationally recognized best practices and standards for humane and ethical treatment of animals in our care.  We do not euthanize happy and healthy animals or for space in conjunction with these standards.  In the rare cases for Euthanasia, the decisions are informed by our staff veterinarian’s expertise, and in accordance with legal counsel and our ASV and NACA standards.

Q. Is SCRAPS open to the public?  

A. Yes, we are open to the public at the Receiving Door:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri. from Noon-7pm
  • Sat. from 11am to 5:30pm

Q.  How does SCRAPS engage on social media? 

A.  As with any public forum, we respect everyone’s right to express their opinion. We only moderate comments for vulgar language, and threats to staff and/or forum participants. 

Q.  How do we find out accurate information about SCRAPS? 

A.  Watch for posts that come directly from SCRAPS or contact us directly. 

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