New Business

Personal Property Listing

Anyone operating a business in the State of Washington is required to provide an annual listing of personal property to the county assessor for assessment and taxation purposes. (Washington State Law RCW 84.40.020 and 84.40.040)

In order to report a new or previously unreported business in Spokane County, complete and submit the New Business Account Registration form (Excel download). Every business, whether sole proprietorship, corporation, association, partnership, trust or estate is required to list all personal property which is under their ownership, possession or control on January 1 of each year.

When a new business account number is assigned, the business will also be registered to eFile. You will be notified by email of the account number as well as a user name and password to be used to eFile the business assets and supplies.

Note: Leasing companies will not be registered to eFile. See Instructions to Lessors of Leased Equipment for additional information.

Once notified of the account number for the business, access eFile. This will take you to the eFile Personal Property Filing System welcome page. For instructions on how to eFile the personal property listing, select 'Help' on the menu bar.