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West Terrace Capital Improvement Project

Project Update

Construction of Phase 1 began on October 17th. Starting at Westbow Road, working south along Hayford Road, over 1600 feet of new storm drain pipe and 10 drainage structures have been installed. Work will resume as weather allows this spring for completion of Phase 1 by early summer.

Corridor Contractors LLC was awarded the contract, as the lowest qualified bidder, after the bid opening on September 21st.

Design is on-going for Phase 2 which includes the rest of the conveyance system for West Terrace Heights and separate drainage issues in areas near Aero Road and Fruitvale Road. Multiple mailings are planned in the coming months to provide more detailed project information and receive public input. An open house meeting is currently scheduled for March 21, 2023, at Westwood Middle School. Details will be sent out prior to the meeting.

The West Terrace Capital Improvement Project (CIP) comes because of the recently completed West Terrace Stormwater Study. A list of priority projects was identified in the final report in late 2021. Potential funding was identified being available through Federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds designated to Spokane County. Spokane County Commissioners reviewed and approved of Public Works funding request in early 2022, granting $5.5 million for these projects to be completed. Through a public Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process, Coffman Engineers was selected as the most highly qualified consultant to design the project. The list of projects were combined into one large project for design with construction to be completed in two phases. See the below exhibit for phasing area details.   

The first phase is large conveyance piping meant to carry stormwater away from the neighborhood. This pipe is depicted as the red line from a connection point to an existing stormwater structure north of Westbow Road, south along the east Hayford Road ditch, then east for one block along Richland Road to Rye Lane. This pipe will generally follow the existing ditch alignment, and the ditch itself will get shallower.

The second phase of work to bring the individual connections online is depicted as the blue line connecting to the east along Richland and connecting to the Blackberry Street/Barberry Avenue/ Strawberry Street/Raspberry Avenue/Fruitvale Road area, as well as Crystal Meadow Pond and the Fairways Golf Course northwest pond in separate pipes.   The second phase of work is currently scheduled to begin construction this summer and conclude by winter 2023.   There will be a follow-up public meeting this March to discuss the planning for Richland east of Rye and the Blackberry/Barberry/ Strawberry/Raspberry/Fruitvale areas in more detail.

The project is being built from the bottom up so capacity is available downstream to take flows from further up the route as connections are made.

Construction of the improvements along most of Richland and the Blackberry/Barberry/ Strawberry/Raspberry/Fruitvale areas next year will result in partial or full closure of one or two of those streets at a time, but local access to driveways will be maintained by the contractor.

The proposed project goals aim to eliminate retention pond overflow, standing water on the roadways and sidewalks, ice ponds, and reduce private property damage due to uncontained stormwater and groundwater surfacing. This will be accomplished with contiguous downstream conveyance, underdrains connecting failed swales, new control structures to address pond overflow, and new gravity storm drains. Maintenance needs will be reduced, and safety will increase on roads and sidewalks where flooding and ice ponds currently form.


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