Backyard Fruit Trees

  1. Backyard Fruit Trees: More Trouble Than They Are Worth?
  2. In what way am I responsible for my fruit trees?
  3. What harm can my fruit tree do?
  4. What are some pests of tree fruits?
  5. Why are these pests so harmful?
  6. What might happen if I don’t control my fruit tree pests?
  7. What should I do if I already have a fruit tree on my property and it has not been sprayed for pests?
  8. What should I consider before I plant a backyard fruit tree?

Most people who plant fruit trees in their backyard find the planting to be an enjoyable experience, and look forward to the time when they can pick fresh fruit to eat and to share with friends. Most of these people do not realize the work or responsibility that goes with that little tree when it is planted. Learn more about your responsibilities in maintaining your home grown trees (RCW 15.08 and RCW 15.09)