Slavin Conservation Area Trailhead Enhancements

The trailhead parking area was originally designed to welcome a variety of recreational user groups and accommodate both passenger vehicles and horse trailers.  However, the area's rising popularity often means a full parking lot, and during peak times it can become difficult or impossible to park or maneuver a horse trailer.  To address the increasing demands, a new passenger vehicle lot is planned for the area west of the existing lot.  Once the new lot is completed, the existing gravel lot is expected to primarily serve vehicles towing horse trailers and as an overflow lot when necessary.  


February 2022 - Survey crews will be gathering information to create a more accurate base map for engineering design.
Spring 2022 - Design and permitting.
Late Spring - Summer 2022 - Bid and construction (pending adequate funding / favorable contractor bids).


James T. Slavin Ranch Conservation Area Endowment Fund.


Schematic Concept Plan Please note that the design may be modified as design proceeds taking into consideration a variety of design and permitting factors.


Project Contact:

Julie Neff, Park Project Manager | Landscape Architect