Bear Lake Regional Park Pathway Repair & Reconstruction

Project Intro:  The Bear Lake Regional Park Trail Fix Project will involve remodel / minor alteration of two sections of existing 8'-wide public recreation pathway at the NE end of Bear Lake with the goal of restoring public access around the lake during times of high water.  One section of the reconstructed pathway (approximately 53'-long), at the wetland crossing at the very North end of the lake, will be elevated in order to provide for a walking surface that does not flood seasonally.  The second section of reconstructed pathway (approximately 305' long) will have the centerline shifted landward, will be elevated to avoid typical seasonal flooding, and will include native restoration plantings and seeding along the abandoned trail section.

County Parks has retained T-O Engineers as the lead project consultant, who created the design documents and will assist with contract administration & construction oversight.  

Timeline:  The project invitation to bid was released on July 22nd, 2021.  On August 11th, bids were opened, and Ryan Excavation LLC submitted the lowest responsive bid, and on August 20th, 2021 a contract was finalized between Spokane County and Ryan Excavation LLC.

Funding:  The Board of Spokane County Commissioners has dedicated funding to complete this project.  The engineer's estimate for construction services on the pathway repair / reconstruction project was $80,000 (including sales tax).

Project Status:  On August 20th, 2021 a Small Works Roster Construction Services Agreement was finalized between Spokane County and Ryan Excavation LLC.  The estimated contract value is $83,399.15.  Work is expected to begin in early October, 2021 and be substantially complete prior to November 11th, 2021.

Documents:  Bear Lake Preliminary Exhibit 7.19.21

Aerial Photo of Sections of Flooded Pathways

For additional information, please contact Kris Krohn, Park Planner / Landscape Architect or (509) 477-6395.