2020 Park Plan Update

Spokane County Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan ("Park Plan") guides investments in Spokane County’s park system. The previous plan was updated in 2013-2014 and is updated every 5-6 years. The 2020 Park Plan update will provide an updated snap shot and analysis of the County’s park system and incorporate information and projects that have been developed since 2014. Please stay tuned for public input opportunities and updated information on this page.

Timeline: See below for project schedule.

Funding: General Fund (Update completed with in-house staff)

Public Input Opportunities

Online Survey: Thanks to everyone who took the survey, which was available from 7/23/19 - 8/7/19. We had well over 500 survey respondents! See the results below under "Documents."

Open House Events: Thanks to all of those who took the time to attend one of our six open house events. See the results of those below under "Documents."

Comments can be emailed to: Doug Chase, Director @ dchase@spokanecounty.org


2020 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan Final (Adopted 1/14/20)
11/14/19 Planning Commission Presentation
SEPA Checklist (Issued 11/04/19)
SEPA DNS (Issued 11/04/19)
2020 Draft Park Plan (Posted 8/20/19, rev. 12/05/19)
2020 Online Survey Results Report (Posted 8/15/19)
2014 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan
2020 Park Plan Update Schedule
Open House Results
Open House Comment Boards