Swimming Lessons

Common Reasons for Cancellation

Updated 11/23/2021


  • In the event of a contamination involving solid fecal matter and/or vomit, the pool must be cleared of patrons immediately and remain closed for 30 minutes. Aquatic staff will carefully follow all state safety guidelines, including treatment of the affected area, prior to letting patrons back into the pool.
  • In the event of a contamination involving diarrhea, the pool must be cleared of patrons immediately and a 24-hour closure is required.  

 Inclement Weather

  • Spokane County does not cancel swim lessons for rain alone.  In the event of inclement weather such as cold temperatures or steady rainfall, site managers may use their discretion to adjust lesson plans to do a land-based “Water Safety Day” if it is safe to do so.  
  • Pool closure for 30 minutes is required if lightning is observed or thunder heard from the facility. The 30-minute closure period restarts at each new sighting of lightning or sound of thunder.

Poor Air Quality

  • Cancellation of swim lessons will occur when the AQI reading reaches 151 (Unhealthy) or higher as measured by the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency.  
    1. If the AQI reading at 7:35am is 151 or higher, all morning lessons will be cancelled.
    2. If the AQI reading at 4:35pm is 151 or higher, all evening lessons will be cancelled.
    3. If the AQI reaches 151 or above during a swim lesson, the classes will be discontinued from that point forward for the rest of the morning or evening. 
  • Note on AQI readings: Currently the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency reports AQI levels every hour at the :35-minute mark and levels can fluctuate significantly from one reading to the next.  For this reason, we encourage participants to check the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency website. (For example, for an 8:00am lesson, please note the AQI reading at 7:35am; for a 6:00pm lesson, note the reading at 5:35pm.)  


  • For cancellations that take place before a swim lesson begins, program participants will be notified by phone and/or email. Staff will do their best to reach program participants before they arrive at the facility, but due to the timing of some closure events this is not always possible.  
  • For cancellations that take place during a swim lesson, facility staff will make announcements to visitors on site and post signage outside the facility notifying the public of the closure.   

Refunds/Promo Passes

  • When pool closure occurs during a swim lesson and 50% or more of the lesson has been completed, no refunds will be issued.
  • When pool closure occurs before or during a swim lesson resulting in less than 50% of the lesson taking place, pro-rated refunds will be issued at the conclusion of the two-week session. (This refund will appear back on the card used to purchase said swim lesson offerings. Please allow 7-10 business days for refunds to post back to the account.)
  • For some swim lesson disruptions, Spokane County may choose to provide Promo Passes good for one free walk-up entry at a later date in the same summer season in lieu of refunds.