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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some questions that are often asked of the Spokane County Clerk's Office. Please browse this list to see if your issue can be resolved without further assistance. Before you begin, note that if you are attempting to urgently file paperwork on short-notice for same-day hearings, you ought to file your documents in-person with hard copies. 

  • How do I start the process to file paperwork online?

To begin the e-filing process, you will need to set up an account at  TrueFiling.com. There is no charge to set up an account. For information on how to use TrueFiling, there are two instructional videos here. These tutorials can be very helpful!

  • Are you having issues setting up your TrueFiling account?

Contact TrueFiling. The Spokane County Clerk's Office apologizes for this inconvenience, but we have no way of addressing issues with account set-up. You can reach their support team by sending an email to: support@truefiling.com

Please note, that if you are using Internet Explorer as your internet browser, you will not have full compatibility with the TrueFiling platform and will experience issues. We suggest switching to another browser and that should correct this problem.

  • Are you having trouble looking up your case?

Please make certain that the case number you are using has the following format with the hyphens included: XX-X-XXXXX-XX. Otherwise our system will return with a result of "no record found."

  • Does using e-filing mean that I don't have to submit bench copies?

No. It is important to note that if you choose to e-file documents with the Spokane County Clerk, this will not suffice for service of bench copies to the Court. You will still need to hand-deliver, mail, or email bench copies of any paperwork, in accordance with Court Rules. Please check with the assigned judicial officer and/or their support staff to determine the desired method of delivery for bench copies.

  • Are you attempting to submit a will?

The Clerk's Office needs the original will on file. Use US Mail to send it to the Clerk's Office directly, accompanied by the required filing fee of $20. This applies solely to will-only filings. Information on where to send your document is available here

  • Are you trying to e-file a probate case?

You can e-file your probate case with a copy of the will. This is sufficient to get your orders signed by the Court. However, before issuance of Probate letters, the original will must be on file with the Clerk's Office.

  • Not able to view your paperwork?

Please allow two (2) business days for any of your submitted paperwork to appear in the electronic file. You will receive a notification of when your documents have been completed - including your new case number for a new filing. 

Unfortunately, at this time, the system is NOT automated and manual-entry is required. We appreciate your continued patience.

  • If I use the Spokane County E-file System, will my documents be served automatically?

No, some jurisdictions have processes in place that result in some instances with automatic service to opposing parties. The Spokane County Clerk's Office  cannot offer that at this time. You will still need to speak to law enforcement or a third-party service processor. 

  • Is there a maximum file limit when uploading files in TrueFiling?

Yes, there is a maximum file limit of 25.00 MB.  There is also a maximum limit of 50 document per bundle that is filed.

  • Still in need of assistance?

None of the above answers seems to resolve your issue? Please contact the Spokane County Clerk's Office using the information available here.

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