Joining a District Court Video hearing as a participant

If you are a Spokane County District Court case participant and wish to appear by video for a hearing, please contact your attorney to make arrangements. 

Our court uses Zoom to conduct our video hearings, you will receive an invite, generally by the court, to the hearing. If you plan to participate in a video court appearance, prior to your hearing please verify your hardware and connection readiness by clicking here to verify/test

Requirements for participating in a video court appearance. Spokane County District Court Decorum Rules, You agree to ...

  1. All attorneys appearing by Zoom shall wear professional business attire.
  2. Appropriate dress is required for all non-attorney participants. Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn during a hearing, unless for medically necessary purposes.
  3. A Zoom participant's actual or virtual background shall not be distracting or contain inappropriate subject matter.
  4. All persons appearing by Zoom shall be in a quiet location with an adequate internet connection. Participants shall prevent interruptions by children, significant others, pets., etc....
  5. If an internet connection is unstable or the surrounding environment is distracting the hearing may be rescheduled to a later date.
  6. All persons appearing by Zoom shall select a location where they can sit comfortably and shall remain seated and still during an entire Zoom hearing. Participants shall not drive while attending a Zoom hearing.
  7. All persons appearing by Zoom shall be on time. Zoom participants shall not leave the Zoom hearing until the Court recesses or the litigant has been released by the Court.
  8. Upon entering a Zoom video conference, all participants shall remain in the Zoom waiting room until admitted into the hearing by the Court. As you connect to a meeting please use your first and last names as your screen name for the meeting and listen for (and watch for in Zoom meeting chat window) instructions from court staff. It may take a few minutes for court staff to "admit" you to the meeting.
  9. Participants shall place their device on mute and shall remain muted until that participant's case is called.
  10. While Court is in session, all Zoom participants shall not appear from a restroom, sleep or lay down, chew gum, eat/drink, smoke or vape. All participants shall behave appropriately and be sober.

To view the full text of No.16 Amendment To Emergency Order No.1, Order of Decorum, click here

Use your Zoom application taskbar to verify that your camera is "on"  (shouldn't show "Start Video" but rather "Stop Video"), and only Unmute your microphone when asked to respond to questions from the court, otherwise leave it Muted.Zoom mute audio and show video pic

If you wish to view a court hearing currently streaming, please click here