Staley Road Fish Passage and Drainage Improvements

Project No: N/A

Project Manager: Dawson Matthews

Project Timeline: 2022/2023

Project Description: This project will replace three deteriorated and undersized culvert crossings (total of four culverts) with a single WDFW Stream Simulation fish passage culvert to reduce future flooding of Staley Road and a residential approach during 10-year frequency events or higher. The proposed culvert will be designed to pass the 100-yr recurrence interval storm without overtopping the road. This project will also restore year-round flows to approximately 500’ of downstream riparian zone and trout habitat in Mud Creek, a major tributary to Dragoon Creek in North Spokane County. This project includes five primary benefits: 1) Reduction in frequency of flooding (up to 100-yr recurrence event) and associated damages to Staley Road, a Rural Minor Collector with ADT 1240, and stranding of property owner on north side of Mud Creek, 2) Reduction of stream and associated riparian habitat degradation, 3) Long term improvement of riparian habitat and passage for native trout species through consolidation of currently split stream flow to one channel, the existing wooded channel and riparian area for Mud Creek on the north side of Staley Road, 4) Mitigate future road maintenance costs from flooding and erosion along Staley Road, 5) Ensure emergency access, during storm events of 100-yr and less, to the public road for one residence that experiences flooding of approach in concurrence with Staley Road flooding. 

Project Update: Grant application is currently being reviewed for funding by FEMA through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

Project Funding: FEMA HMGP

Drainage Improvement Map (PDF)

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