Permitting Brochures

  1. BP-01 Commercial Permits (PDF)
  2. BP-02 Demolition Permits (PDF)
  3. BP-03 Manufactured Home Permits (PDF)
  4. BP-04 Fee Schedule
  5. BP-05 Relocation Permits (PDF)
  6. BP-06 Residential Building Permits (PDF)
  7. BP-07 Sewer Connections (PDF)
  8. BP-08 Sign Permits (PDF)
  9. BP-09 Residential Building Plan
  10. BP-12 Foundation Requirements (PDF)
  11. BP-13 Private Garages (PDF)
  12. BP-14 Pole Buildings (PDF)
  13. BP-15 Propane Tanks (PDF)
  14. BP-16 Permitting of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Washington (PDF)
  15. BP-17 Driveways (PDF)
  16. BP-18 Wildland - Urban Interface (PDF)
  17. BP-19 A Erosion and Sediment Control Techniques (PDF)
  18. BP-19 B Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Requirements (PDF)
  19. BP-19 Erosion and Sediment Control (PDF)
  20. BP-27 Critical and Hazardous Materials (PDF)
  21. BP-31 Rules, Regulations and Red Tape (PDF)
  22. BP-32 Safety Inspections (PDF)
  23. BP-33 Commercial Site Plans and Construction Drawings (PDF)
  24. BP-35 Underground Storage Tank Abandonment and Removal (PDF)
  25. BP-36 Underground Storage Tank Facts (PDF)
  26. BP-38 Wood Stove Installation (PDF)
  27. BP-39 Addressing (PDF)
  28. BP-40 Information Directory (PDF)
  29. BP-41 Commercial Change of Use (PDF)
  30. BP-44 Critical Areas (PDF)
  31. BP-45 Slopes and Setbacks (PDF)
  32. BP-46 A Grading Permits - Typical (PDF)
  33. BP-46 Grading and Parking Lot Permits (PDF)
  34. BP-47 Tenant Improvements (PDF)
  35. BP-48 Energy Code - Non-Residential (PDF)
  36. BP-49 Environmental Review (PDF)
  37. BP-51 Building Permits - Application Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  38. BP-52 Permit Processing Time Savers (PDF)
  39. BP-53 Project Planning Checklist (PDF)
  40. BP-56 Temporary Stands (PDF)
  41. BP-59 Windows - Basic Requirements for Emergency Escape and Rescue (PDF)
  42. BP-66 Residential Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Barriers (PDF)
  43. BP-70 Building Height (PDF)
  44. BP-71 Radon Control for High Radon Potential (PDF)
  45. BP-72 Residential Site Plans (PDF)
  46. BP-73 Basements within High Risk Drainage Areas (HDRA) (PDF)
  47. BP-79 Speculative Buildings and Shell Buildings (PDF)
  48. BP-80 Spokane County Qualified Wetland Specialist Listing
  49. 2015 Significant Code Changes
  50. Aquifer Designation-Well Drillers
  51. Applying for permits online