Referral Process

We are currently accepting all new referrals for the Spokane Regional Mental Health Court. The referral process has been changed to streamline the tasks the referring party has to carry out to refer individuals and to increase our opportunities to determine whether prospective participants are amenable to the rigorous requirements of our program.

Once we receive the referral form, we will reach out to prospective participants and schedule times for an Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) session. This assessment will determine whether the individual falls into the “high risk, high need” category, and thereby eligible for SRMHC. At that meeting, SRMHC staff will have the prospective participant take the ORAS, complete releases of information for providers who can submit diagnostic information for our program, and explain our program requirements and expectations. Time will also be provided for individuals to ask any questions they may have regarding their potential commitment to SRMHC.

After the session is completed, SRMHC staff will reach out to providers for medical records, and complete NCIC background checks to determine further eligibility for our program. Like in the past, prospective participants who meet the qualifying criteria will be staffed by the entire SRMHC team before a final decision is rendered.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the SRMHC Office at (509) 477-2230 or

Thank you for your continued collaboration with the SRMHC.