Mental Health Therapeutic Court

Staff Name
Title Phone Email
Aimee Maurer
Judge 509-477-2961  
Kim Hammond Case Manager 509-477-2281 [email protected]
Janelle Deffe
Case Manager 509-477-2277 [email protected]
Aimee Emtman
Secretary 509-477-2230
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Spokane County has implemented an expanded Mental Health Court. This was made available thanks to legislation enacted in 2005, 
RCW 82.14.460 which allowed for a "Mental Health Sales Tax" of one tenth of 1% to be used for the operation of new or expanded therapeutic court programs and to provide new or expanded mental health treatment or chemical dependency services.

The Mental Health Therapeutic Court maintains the premise that crimes committed by mentally ill persons are not simply a law enforcement or criminal justice problem, but a public health problem.
Office Located at:
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Broadway Center Building
721 N. Jefferson
Second Floor

Hearings Held at:
Building with large glass windows, with a sign reading, "Spokane County-City Public Safety Buildi
Public Safety Building
1100 W Mallon Ave.
Second Floor