DUI Therapeutic Court

Staff Name
Title Phone
The Honorable Jeffrey R. Smith Judge 509-477-2927 jsmith@spokanecounty.org
Terrance Mitchell
Judicial Assistant
509-477-2927 tmitchell@spokanecounty.org
Jaclyn Brumbaugh
Therapeutic Court Coordinator 509-477-2283 jbrumbaugh@spokanecounty.org
Tracy Hansen DUI Therapeutic Court Probation Officer  509-477-6455 thansen@spokanecounty.org
Derek Phakoo DUI Therapeutic Court Probation Officer  509-477-6469 dphakoo@spokanecounty.org
Makenzie Wellner Therapeutic Court Case Manager 509-477-2277 mwellner@spokanecounty.org
Malia Cross Therapeutic Court Case Manager 509-477-2281 mcross@spokanecounty.org
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  1. Mission
  2. What is this Court?
  3. How Does One Qualify?

The mission of the Spokane County DUI Therapeutic Court is to compel chemically dependent offenders to address their chemical dependency, criminal thinking, and behavior. This is accomplished through support, accountability, treatment, intensive supervision and consistent contact with the DUI Therapeutic Court team. By eliminating alcohol and drug use and the associated criminal activity, it is the intent of the court to also reduce recidivism, enhance community safety, reduce alcohol and other drug related deaths, and increase rehabilitation.
 The court will provide a means to successfully rehabilitate offenders by diverting them from the conventional criminal justice system and providing them with the tools they need to successfully reintegrate back into society

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Located at:
Public Safety Building
1100 W Mallon Ave.
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