Waste Reduction Consultation

Food Waste Audit_Scaled

Waste Reduction Consultation

Want to learn how to divert food waste and save money? The Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System (SCRSWS) offers free waste consultations to businesses, schools, and hospitals.

Pro-active companies often can lower disposal costs by finding ways to identify and change wasteful practices and by recycling more. Much of the general waste businesses throw away as garbage could be hauled away and recycled at a much lower cost.

Free waste consultations are offered to Spokane businesses. Call 509-477-6800 for more information.

School Waste Reduction Consultations

Learn how to increase recycling and save money! Want to conduct a waste audit or your school, classroom, or cafeteria? We’ve got you covered. Check out our NEW Waste Audit Kit and see what you are throwing away so you can make positive changes. The kit includes a tarp, aprons, a scale and instructions. Combine this activity with math and calculate percentages and build graphs of your findings.

Lessons include visual aids of various media, hands-on activities, games, and take-home materials to help students enjoy and retain what they have learned.

Staff members are available to help establish or enhance your school recycling or composting program. They will meet with you on-site or virtually to figure out the best approach for your school.

To schedule a presentation, please contact Kris Major, 509.625.6521 or email kmajor@spokanecity.org.