Spokane County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

Under Washington state law (Chapter 70.95 RCW), each county, in cooperation with cities located within, is required to prepare a coordinated, comprehensive solid waste management plan (SWMP). Solid waste plans provide long-term, environmentally-sound solid waste management guidelines. Solid waste plans in Washington State are required to be reviewed every five years and updated or revised as necessary. Spokane County is currently working with a consulting company called Great West Engineering, Inc. to create the 2020 Spokane County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan. The Comprehensive plan will guide the solid waste decisions and activities for the Spokane County Regional Solid Waste System, which includes the unincorporated County and member jurisdictions.

View the 2015 SWMP: Spokane County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

Comprehensive Plan Project Schedule

The Comprehensive Plan Project Schedule provides a general timeline for the project and a schedule for key milestone dates (as the project progresses, these dates are subject to change). All comprehensive plan meetings are open to anyone who would like to participate.

Upcoming Events

SWAC Subcommittee Meeting #9

FEBRUARY 23, 2021, 1:00 - 3:00 PM.

Microsoft Teams virtual meeting.  See the agenda below for information on joining the upcoming meeting.

Subject of Work:

Review 2 new sections related to existing “Programs” section

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