Market Stock For Sale

Market Stock Banner with Cows

The Spokane County Interstate Fair’s Youth Market Stock Auction is the culmination of months of hard work by youth from around the region.  The exhibitors carefully selected an animal early on, fed, watered, and worked with them daily to become the prize-winning animal you see today.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced a cancellation of this year’s Youth Market Stock Auction.  We have several of our exhibitors that need your help…they need to sell their animals.  Funds from these sales help the youth purchase another project for future fairs and often assists in funding a portion of their college expenses after graduation. 


This year’s VIRTUAL FOR SALE BOARD is sponsored by our friends at WHEATLAND BANK.  If you are interested in purchasing one of the animals listed below, please contact us at with your name, contact information, and the animal that you are interested in purchasing.  We will pass your information along to the exhibitor so that you may visit directly with them to discuss price, transportation, etc.  Please remember that weights listed are estimates.  We want to thank you for your continued support of our region’s youth and this amazing program that teaches so many valuable lessons along the way.      

Animal is SOLD

Paxton Caro

Animal’s Name:                Yogi

Breed / Sex:                       Boer Goat

Born:                                   05/01/19

Estimated Weight:           130 pounds

Animal is SOLD

Jocelyn Frank

Animal’s Name:                Oliver

Breed / Sex:                       Angus X Male

Born:                                   03/05/19

Estimated Weight:           1200 pounds

Animal is SOLD

London Gould

Animal’s Name:                Lambert

Breed / Sex:                       Hampshire X

Born:                                   09/30/19

Estimated Weight:           160 pounds

MEAT Available For Sale

Lexie Picchione

Animal’s Name:                Kermit / Constantine

Breed / Sex:                       Lamb

Born:                                   02/12/20

Estimated Weight:           150 pounds

Animal is SOLD

Audrey Ruchert

Animal’s Name:                Axel

Breed / Sex:                       Boer

Born:                                   09/01/18

Estimated Weight:           140 pounds

Animal is SOLD

Mia Ruchert

Animal’s Name:                Ken

Breed / Sex:                       Boeur

Born:                                   09/01/18

Estimated Weight:           140 pounds

Morgan Starks' Branch

Morgan Starks

Animal’s Name:                Branch

Breed / Sex:                       Texel

Born:                                   03/10/20

Estimated Weight:           105 pounds

Reagan Starks' Alfred

Reagan Starks

Animal’s Name:                Alfred

Breed / Sex:                       Boer

Born:                                   03/10/20

Estimated Weight:           70 pounds