2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2020 Amendments Map

2020 Proposed Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments

File # Existing Category Proposed Category Acres
18-CPA-06 Low Density Residential High Density Residential 50.0
20-CPA-01 Light Industrial Medium Density Residential 2.4
20-CPA-02 Urban Reserve (UGA swap) Low Density Residential 13.0
20-CPA-03 Rural Traditional Mineral Lands 168.0
20-CPA-04 Urban Reserve Rural 5 9.4
20-CPA-05 Light Industrial Mixed Use 81
Proposed Comprehensive Plan map amendments for 2020 are sown above.  For detailed information on each application, please click the link below.  The proposals are undergoing preliminary review and a public hearing on the proposals is planned for fall of 2020.  Questions? call Steve Davenport, Department of Building and Planning at (509) 477-7221 or email sdavenport@spokanecounty.org

2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Proposals