Spokane Materials and Recycling Technology (SMaRT) Center

SMaRT Center_2

In 2012, Waste Management opened the Spokane Materials and Recycling Technology (SMaRT) Center, allowing the efficient collection and sorting of mixed recyclables from tens of thousands of residences and businesses in the Inland Northwest region. Since its opening, Spokane County has been able to dramatically increase recycling, resulting in higher diversion rates. 

Recyclables dropped off at the transfer stations or picked up curbside are transported to the facility and, through a series of machines, are sorted, packed, and sent to various manufacturers who utilize the recyclables in the creation of new products. The SMaRT Center processes an average of 30 tons of recyclables per hour. 

Want to learn more about the SMaRT Center? Visit Waste Management’s SMaRT Center fact sheet. Tours are also available upon request.

The SMaRT Center is not open to the public for drop-off.