Field Trips!

Do you know how we're able to provide our great education programs for free to students and community members? We are funded by an Aquifer Protection Area (APA) fee. This is a voter-approved fee which goes toward many projects and initiatives that protect the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer - the same aquifer that supplies drinking water to most residents in the greater Spokane area. This fee is anticipated to come up for renewal in the next few years.  For more information about the fee, please visit the APA page.

Who doesn’t like a great field trip?! Supplement your classroom curriculum with NGSS-aligned experiential learning at the Spokane County Water Resource Center. We strive to provide the extra impact you want for your students.HomeSchoolGroup_20170221_crop

This is a great option for classrooms, homeschool groups, and scout troops. Educators will take your group through 2-3 of our classic water science activities at the Water Resource Center at 1004 N Freya Street. Typical visits are 1.5-2 hours.

Steps to schedule a field trip with us:

  1. Choose your grade level below and review the Field Trip Menu.
  2. Click on Request My Field Trip! located on the menu or on the web page.
  3. Submit the form with information about your group size and grade, preferred dates/times and any other details you’d like to share about your group.

You’ll hear from WRC staff within a few days! We’re excited just thinking about your visit - thank you for your interest!