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Field Trips to the WRC!

We like to share our passion for NGSS-aligned environmental education here at the Water Resource Center where we have a greater number of activities to choose from over our classroom activities.

Visit our Field Trips page, review the options for your grade/age and submit your field trip request. It’s that easy!  If you’re a community group such as Scouts or a Day Care, any K-12 field trip can be customized to accommodate you!


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Classroom Visits! - Real or Virtual

Real -- Request for an environmental educator to visit your classroom, or multiple classrooms, at your school! We’ll bring water education alive through NGSS-aligned interactive lessons focused on our local water resources.

Virtual -- While we prefer to visit in person, we recognize that some schools may have limitations regarding guests in the classroom following the COVID-19 outbreak. We can spend 30-45 minutes with your class via an online platform and bring topical expertise to water science education. We’re eager to spend meaningful time with your class by sending you a pre-lesson so students are ready to engage with us! Review the options for your grade/age and submit your classroom visit request. We’ll follow up to arrange a fun in-class experience!

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Water Reclamation Facility Tours!

You may not have thought about it before but there is an amazing process that cleans wastewater before safely returning it to the environment. Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Tours provide a different level of understanding about what happens after water leaves your home or business. Our drinking water from the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer remains clean, in part, because of an investment in safely treating the wastewater that we all create.

These tours are especially great for adult community groups, college classes, middle and high schools. Note: 5th grade students are the youngest grade allowed after discussion with the teacher. Plan a tour of 10 or more people today!

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Resource Library 

  • Teachers and Parents - Designed primarily to support teachers in the classroom and homeschooling parents. Hooray educators!
  • Community Resources - Many handy links for adults that are looking for information about area water resources.

You can also tell us if you’re looking for something specific and maybe we can find it for you!

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