Barker Road Sewer Assistance Program

 Barker Road Sewer Assistance Program

Dear Homeowner,

Please review the documents on the Barker Road Sewer Assistance Program webpage and decide how you want to proceed with your application for financial assistance. The level of financial assistance is based on the household’s size and Median Family Income (MFI). This one application will be reviewed for two potential types of assistance; assessment grants for those at 50% MFI or lower, and/or connection loans for those that are 80% or lower.  The current MFI income limits are listed on the application.

You have a few options:

  1. You may follow the link on this page to submit an electronic application.

  2. You may choose to wait until 2021 to submit an application via USPS along with the appropriate backup documentation to prove the income and assets listed. Please contact me to gain a hard copy application.

  3. You may call me to do an application over the phone and provide backup that is needed after we determine your eligibility.

  4. You may wait to apply (for connection loans only). If you are approved for a connection loan, you will be required to update the application and backup documentation in 2022. 

CFR's will be paid in May, apply earlier 2021 for CFR Assistance. The Program ends September 30, 2022, and homeowners may apply or reapply (if circumstances or income limits change) as long as there is time to follow the process and get connected by the deadline.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Christy Jeffers, Program Administrator at 509.202.5830 or


For Current Income Limits CLICK HERE

Applications are available at the following website link:   BARKER ROAD SEWER ASSISTANCE APPLICATION

To view Barker Road Sewer Assistance Income and Asset List CLICK HERE

For more information please reference the Barker Road Sewer Assistance Program Policies and Procedures Manual. CLICK HERE

W-9 Form For Contractors



            Construction of Central Sewer Line

JULY 2020

            Applications for financial assistance available online & mailed by request


            Initial Review of applications and Initial Review notice provided


            Updated applications requested including backup documentation 

            Determination notice provided (in software or mailed)

MAY 2021 

CFR Grants paid to Environmental Services for 50% MFI or less

JUNE 2021 - SEPTEMBER 2022

            Connection Assistance for 80% MFI or less

            (Do not enter into contract without an authorization to proceed) 

Contractors are paid when all paperwork is completed; including signing a Deed of Trust and Promissory Note for a zero-interest loan up to $4,500.