Pine Bluff Road Bridge No. 2609 Scour Repair

Project Information

Bridge No. 2609 | County Road Project C3230
Project Type: Scour Repair
Project Manager: Michael Duke Jr., P.E.
Design Year: 2019
Construction Year: 2020

Project Description

This bridge scour repair project is located approximately 0.2 miles north of Seven Mile Road in northwest Spokane County, Section 18, T 26N, R 42E, WM. The bridge is a three span, prestressed concrete bridge built in 1990 and rebuilt in 2003. High spring flows from 2017 have widened the channel and caused significant stability concerns to the foundations of the two interior piers.

Repairs include stabilizing the slopes by installing short cast-in-place concrete walls anchored to bedrock at the bases of the slopes, placing shotcrete on the slopes with soil/rock anchors, anchoring habitat boulders to bedrock at the base of the slopes and placing riprap along the channel edges and walls. The implementation of this scour project will return the stream channel to its previous width.

All work will be completed in the dry. Pine Bluff Road will remain open during construction.

Project Duration

Slated for construction in 2020, the project is expected to take approximately two months to complete. Engineers are working closely with impacted property owners, regulators, and the public to ensure a successful project. The project is Federally funded through FEMA.

  1. Michael J. Duke Jr., P.E.

    Bridge Program Manager
    Phone: 509-477-3600

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