EVACUATION LEVELS - What they mean

Level 1 GET READY to leave!

  • Prepare to leave your current location

  • Conditions could get worse due to the incident in your area 

  • Put your GO BAG  by the door and include any other important items you may need

  • Consider what your pets will need to evacuate

Level 2 GET SET to leave!

  • Be prepared to leave at a moment's notice

  • Dangerous conditions threaten your current location

  • The incident may be limiting emergency services' ability to protect the area

  • If you or anyone at your location needs extra time, you are strongly encouraged to leave now

  • If you have pets and/or livestock, you are encouraged to leave now. If you need help evacuating them, please call 911 

Level 3 GO, LEAVE NOW!

  • There is an immediate threat to your safety at this time, so you need to leave immediately

  • Emergency Services may not be able to assist you

  • Remember to bring your pets with you

  • If you have pets and/or livestock and need help evacuating them, please call 911

  • You will not be allowed to return until conditions are safe

IMPORTANT: Evacuation level alert and warning notifications will be sent via the ALERT Spokane program. If you have not registered to receive alerts, PLEASE do so now by clicking HERE!

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