Bigelow Gulch Road Project 3

Project No: CRP-2924

Project Manager: Mick Flugel

Project Timeline: Construction is anticipated in the year 2021

Project Description: Spokane County Public Works will be replacing the existing 2 lane road (which has narrow lanes and no shoulders) with a 4 lane road with 8’ shoulders and a turn lane as needed. The alignment will be straightened to reduce the curves. 

The project is located from the intersection of Bigelow Gulch Rd and Weile Ave to the intersection of Bigelow Gulch and Argonne Rd. The total length of the project is 5,800 feet. 

Bigelow Gulch Phase 3 - Open House PowerPoint

CRP 2924 Bigelow Gulch Plan Sheets

Bigelow Gulch Road Corridor Projects

Existing Alignment

CRP-2924 existing alignment

Overall MapCRP 2924 Overall Map