Bigelow Gulch Road Project 5

Project No: CRP-2990

Project Manager: Mick Flugel

Project timeline: Construction will begin in mid-April 2020 and will be completed around mid-August 2020. 

Project Description: Replacing the existing 2 lane road (which has narrow lanes, no shoulders, and multiple vertical curves) with a 4 lane road (with a 12’ turn lane or center median, 8’ shoulders and 12’ climbing lanes where needed). 

Project Update: Add date is January 8th, 2020. Bidding is on January 29th, 2020 and construction will start soon after. 

Bigelow Gulch Road Open House (PowerPoint)

CRP 2990 Bigelow Gulch Signed Road Plans

Bigelow Gulch Road Corridor Projects

Prior to the construction of the project looking South from the new Bigelow/Forker interchange

Big 5 Prior to construction

Photos of the project during construction




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