Make Beacon Hill Public Project

This project was developed in partnership with the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, Evergreen (East) Mountain Bike Alliance, Inland NW Land Conservancy, Avista Utilities and area land owners to permanently protect through acquisition and donated conservation easements approximately 250 acres of privately owned land that contains the core of the Beacon Hill Trail System. If completed, this project will implement the last of four "large park" recommendations identified in the 1909 Olmsted Brothers Park Plan for the City of Spokane by connecting four existing public parks (undeveloped portion of Esmeralda Golf Course, Minnehaha Park, John H. Shields Park and Camp Sekani Park) to create one larger, jointly managed regional park totaling 550 acres. This project also preserves the 46-mile Beacon Hill Trail System, one of the largest in Washington State.

Project Timeline: 
January 2020 - June 2022. 

Project Budget:
$3.3 million - Budget includes $1.5 million in RCO grants (currently being applied for), Conservation Futures funding, and various donations of cash, property interest and professional services.

Project Update (10/28/21):
The Make Beacon Hill Public has received $1.5 million in RCO grants to help fund the purchase of identified properties. As of 10/28/21, all proposed fee simple acquisitions have been completed totaling 160 acres. The final phase of this project is underway, partnering with Inland NW Land Conservancy and Avista Corp. to draft and record conservation easements across ~87 acres of Avista-owned property on Beacon Hill. These easements will both preserve these parcels and allow public recreation to continue consistent with Conservation Futures in perpetuity.

Project Documents:

RCO Grant Presentation
RCO Preliminary Grant Application Rankings LWCF
RCO Preliminary Grant Application Rankings WWRP-Local Parks
Proposed Acquisition Map
Conceptual (Future) Site Plan
Staff Report to Board of County Commissioners
Resolution Approving Concept (Board of County Commissioners)
Letters of Support

Project Contact
Paul Knowles, Park Planning, Development & Real Estate Manager. (509) 477-2188 or